Wednesday, January 1, 2014

An Extraordinary Eggplant

Recently my older son, accompanied my husband to the supermarket.Whilst there,something unusual caught his attention at the vegetable section.Grabbing my husband's iphone, he started clicking away the item of interest.It was beyond belief, when he recounted his interesting experience to the rest of the home crowd.Was n't he glad,when his Dad  showed them the clear and convincing evidence:the pictures which were  saved  on my husband's  iphone. Have you ever seen something like this anywhere recently?? A brinjal ( eggplant) with a long nose. Everyone agreed  when I jokingly said that  the  eggplant  could be  related to Pinnochio.( A Fairy tale fictional character - a wooden boy who had an extraordinary  long nose, and which kept growing whenever he lied.)

Seeing is believing

And this is Pinnochio..