Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tea Plantations

During our recent vacation to Sri Lanka we decided to visit a couple of tea plantations.It was an exciting and interesting excursion for the children.They had never been to a tea factory before and it was an awesome experience when they learnt the long and step by step process of making tea leaves that is used in  making our cuppa,the favourite beverage,we drink  at least twice a day everyday. 
We got the opportunity  to see how the leaves were picked and processed and sorted.Ceylon tea is famous world wide.The country is the world's fourth largest producer of tea and the  industry is the  topmost source of foreign exchange.
The humidity,cool temperatures and rainfall in the country's central highlands is responsible for an environment that favors the manufacture of high quality tea.The tea industry was  first introduced to the country by a British planter named  James Taylor. 

Tea Plantation

The Lush Greenery

A beautiful sight

The machinery at work -processing & sorting tea

Packed for export

Ready for sale 
We were able to taste a cup of tea before purchasing