Monday, April 8, 2013

Cartoons,Movies And Their Impact On Us

Many years ago,as a kid I loved cartoons and now years later I am compelled to sit  in front of the television with my children who are ardent fans of the animated world. I loved The Flintstones and still do.Interestingly, my children too love Fred and  company.My sons are more inclined toward cartoon stories where there is a super hero and is action packed.Cartoons like Dexter,Ben 10 and The Kids next door etc are some of their favourites and Dad too sits with them during the weekend and enjoy! They idolise their cartoon heroes so much that they incorporate them in their everyday activities.They love to see their animated friends integrated in their gifts, birthday cakes, cards, clothing  and books.They even attempt to draw them.

My son was  thrilled when I made him a birthday card with his
 favourite Ben Ten
On the other hand,I am dead scared of watching  horror movies.And I dont encourage my children too.I think my fear of horror movies  started long time ago when I read the hard cover of Amity ville,By the time I had finished  reading,I was shaking.So to get rid of the story which was was embedded  in my system,I started narrating the story to my other siblings.That whole night noboby could sleep well.Recently on a weekend,this movie was being  telecast but I didnt watch it,somehow simply seeimng the name all over again ,took me back to Amity Ville,the haunted house.

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