Saturday, March 16, 2013

On A Shopping Spree

In a couple of days ,my  youngest son will be Nine.He has already given me a list of things to do for his birthday.Besides the cake I am planning to make,he also wants some savouries made  to celebrate his birthday in style.I  promised him that I will fulfill his wishes.So the other day,my Husband and I went to the super market to get a few things that I will need to prepare the stuff.As usual I ended up purchasing more than what was needed.There was a promotional sale going on and I couldn't resist buying extra.Afterwards we proceeded to the IKEA store to see if  I could  buy a few items off the gift voucher that I had won earlier.I was so glad I was able to purchase a few useful household things and also got a new baking tray.My son is thrilled that I am going to bake his birthday cake in it. I also got a garlic press, a potato peeler and a lovely  clock for the newly painted wall in the computer room.I didn't expect to get so much for the voucher that I had won online.Anyway I am so thankful  that my efforts working  online did nt  go to  waste.

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