Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Marble Cake For My Son

Pat-a -cake ,Pat-a-cake,baker's man,Bake me a cake as fast as you can.Thanks to the readily available cake mixes,I was able to bake an  easy and a simple cake for my youngest son.

As promised ,I baked a marble cake for my son for his ninth birthday.I made two separate batters,  a mixture of vanilla and strawberry batter.Thanks to the instant cake mix, I was able to do accordingly.He loved it so did the rest of the family.I also made a few pastries, some chicken fries,and a milk shake.I even arranged some fruits in a platter to make the table presentable.Unfortunately my husband and couldn't taste the cake as we have refrained from eating sweet food due to our blood sugar.All in all I am glad everything went smoothly.He would have been happy to have shared  the cake with his classmates but couldn't do so because school had closed after the exams and will be reopened only in April..However  two of  his tutors  got the opportunity to enjoy his birthday cake

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