Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Marble Cake For My Son

Pat-a -cake ,Pat-a-cake,baker's man,Bake me a cake as fast as you can.Thanks to the readily available cake mixes,I was able to bake an  easy and a simple cake for my youngest son.

As promised ,I baked a marble cake for my son for his ninth birthday.I made two separate batters,  a mixture of vanilla and strawberry batter.Thanks to the instant cake mix, I was able to do accordingly.He loved it so did the rest of the family.I also made a few pastries, some chicken fries,and a milk shake.I even arranged some fruits in a platter to make the table presentable.Unfortunately my husband and couldn't taste the cake as we have refrained from eating sweet food due to our blood sugar.All in all I am glad everything went smoothly.He would have been happy to have shared  the cake with his classmates but couldn't do so because school had closed after the exams and will be reopened only in April..However  two of  his tutors  got the opportunity to enjoy his birthday cake

Saturday, March 16, 2013

On A Shopping Spree

In a couple of days ,my  youngest son will be Nine.He has already given me a list of things to do for his birthday.Besides the cake I am planning to make,he also wants some savouries made  to celebrate his birthday in style.I  promised him that I will fulfill his wishes.So the other day,my Husband and I went to the super market to get a few things that I will need to prepare the stuff.As usual I ended up purchasing more than what was needed.There was a promotional sale going on and I couldn't resist buying extra.Afterwards we proceeded to the IKEA store to see if  I could  buy a few items off the gift voucher that I had won earlier.I was so glad I was able to purchase a few useful household things and also got a new baking tray.My son is thrilled that I am going to bake his birthday cake in it. I also got a garlic press, a potato peeler and a lovely  clock for the newly painted wall in the computer room.I didn't expect to get so much for the voucher that I had won online.Anyway I am so thankful  that my efforts working  online did nt  go to  waste.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Recalling Canned Tunas

While going through my favourite health website, I came across an alarming alert which aroused my curiosity to read the article wholly.It states that two companies that sell Canned Tunas are recalling their brands due to the fact the cans may not be sealed properly.which could lead to contamination.Though no illnesses have been recorded ,the consumers have been advised to throw away the 5-ounce cans that they may have already purchased.

The recalled tuna products are:
Brunswick Brand 5-ounce Chunk Light Tuna in Water
Bumble Bee Brand 5-ounce Chunk Light Tuna in Water 
Bumble Bee Brand 5-ounce Chunk Light Tuna in Vegetable Oil
Bumble Bee Brand 5-ounce Chunk White Albacore in Water
Chicken of the Sea 5-ounce Chunk White Albacore Tuna in Water

For more details ,you can go to this website