Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Reconstructing The Eiffel Tower

The construction site.
The children had a  break from school a few weeks back.And I didn’t want  the days to slip by without doing  something worthwhile .So hubby and I took the boys to the craft shop.My eleven year old loves to do hand work and is very passionate over wood craft.This time he wanted us to buy him some crafts that he had seen  on television. Luckily,we got it at the local craft shop.Who would n't like  to reconstruct world famous monuments,even though you are only able to build it out of tiny pieces of wood.I watched my son work  actively with these pieces with the aid of the  instructions given on the package. He was so careful and gentle with his tiny hands so as to fix the pieces fittingly. I was  overjoyed to see the finish product. After he finished his task ,he let me keep it in the living room.Maybe one day he will  actually fulfill  my dreams  and take  me to the other side of the world to  see this  famous monument .
wooden Eiffel Tower

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