Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In The Comfort Of My Home

A friend told me the other day she enjoyed browsing the internet in office during break time.It kept me wondering how she could manage doing that with so many distractions that crop up in an office environment. Surfing the internet in office, in my opinion, is not as satisfying as sitting in front of the desktop at home as we would easily get diverted by the countless interruptions caused by co-workers coming in and out of the office.Besides, wouldn’t we keep wondering if someone out there is vigilant in observing us doodling in front of the company PC, which to me seem damaging. Maybe she knows what’s best for her.I don’t know how she does that but as for me,since I am a stay at home mom,I prefer the tranquillity that prevail in the atmosphere around me while surfing the internet.I would say that I rather do the internet at home as I can surf at my own pace.There’s no time limit at home.I am able to work on the computer all the while managing the household tasks and  without any interruptions,as the children will be at school during the morning hours.Moreover,being at home,I am able to do multiple household chores.I could prepare the meals,wash the dishes and clean the house at the same time..It’s easier and convenient doing the computer at home during the day because there wouldn’t be much of a diversion.Obviously I have to keep the computer on pause mode for a while.In addition to all that,I'll be stress-free and undisturbed to enjoy my breakfast and savour a hot cup of tea while staying cool and comfortable in my home clothes.