Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Welcome To My Home

My Family and I  have been living in the Middle East For two decades now.And basically we have grown accustomed to most of their values and norms.However someday when my husband retires from office we will move to our home town in the subcontinent.Though we already have a home in our native land we have rented it out for extra income.Someday when we move there permanently I very much want to live in a place I often envisage: An ideal home. My ideal home would have to be somewhere in a very quiet area, away from the hustle and the bustle of the city. I love to have a big garden with a huge parapet wall surrounding the garden. A backyard would be perfect,so I may be able to grow my own fruits and vegetables.And on one side of the yard,a big charcoal oven, along side a pool ,would be set up ,to bake fresh bread and buns to feed my family and friends during holidays and the festive seasons.It would be wonderful to dine out in the open to get the feel of the breeze and the aromatic smell of food.There will be a separate place for a library where I will be able to read books written by my favourite authors.Obviously I will love that feel, reading in a cosy corner.The most important factor of my ideal home is a big kitchen.All for the reason to have live demonstrations of my culinary know-hows to friends who have been thoroughly impressed by my cooking..Only a few essential things will adorn my home since I dislike decorating the place with too many furnitures .Above all, my home will be painted with the true colours of love and happiness.Reading this I hope you too would have painted a perfect picture of my intended home..
.I love the  outdoor dining area in this holiday resort,where we stayed for three days during our vacation



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