Monday, September 24, 2012

Trees Are The Roots Of All living

The weather is still humid here in this corner of the  Middle East. I just wish I was surrounded by some lush greenery to warmly embrace the gentle breeze that would sometime  sweep across a balmy day  like back in my home town, in the sub continent. Since we live  in an apartment here ,I cannot even  think about   being  in a   garden.There is no kind of  loam on my block as everything around is  paved.More over  there’s  barely  space to keep flower  pots on the terrace .However the only time  I  get an opportunity to wander in the midst of some greenery is when we take the   children outing..I  am in awe  of the beautiful plants that are grown in  parks or on either sides of the carpeted roads.Sometimes  I happen to  bump into some  beautifully arranged  flower  pots in  popular  malls.If I had a garden, the first thing I would love to do is, grow plants that would do good to me .I very much love to nurture plants and reap the  bounties of nature.Plants give us fresh air too.Though I love my home here ,I miss the clean and fresh air that trees provide.
This subject takes me back to my childhood.I grew up in a  house, full of life. We  used to be  fond of outdoor life.We  often stayed till late  in our large garden having a whale of a time with  friends .Our house was  completely  bordered by trees. Every morning we used to wake  up  to the chirping of birds which used to be  perched on branches  and the roof..We had two lofty  coconut trees whose fruits  quenched our thirst on scorching days,a stout  mango tree with outstretched branches that provided  us shade on warm sunny days, a breadfruit tree that produced, a kind of starchy vegetable  all year through,the Jakfruit  tree gave mom an opportunity to cook  scrumptious dishes as it could be used  as a vegetable when  unripe.Besides these, the most significant , was the miracle tree moringa. We not only benefited nutritionally but medicinally too.(read about it  here) .Mom made special dishes using the leaves and the pod of the moringa tree.
Whenever,there was a bountiful of fruits and vegetables,mother sent some to neighbours.She  used to prepare chutneys and pickles out of the dried  fruits particularly-mangoes  and used the herbs,she grew in  the backyard,in her daily cooking.And what’s more ,the rose apple tree and the guava tree that  stood  in a corner of the garden, gave us the space  to entertain friends. I vividly remember even to this day,when friends in the neighbourhood gathered  at home during the weekend  ,we would happily encircle  under the  shelter  provided by  the jumbo tree,sitting amid  the crumpled leaves, paying  no attention to anything else  other than the  red juicy fruits.When I had some bad days, I  found solace  under the shade of this tree, commonly termed as the Jumbo tree and wandered to far off places just like Alice,in Wonderland.
Ahh!! What treasured memories!.And  how I miss those days...One day when I have the resources I hope to plant some trees and help another generation to  breathe fresh and clean air.


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  1. I assume the weather in Middle East is as humid as Singapore. :) I too live in an apartment, where there is simply no space to put pots of plants.

    But luckily I live near the seaside and there are lots of trees in the common space below. :)

    Glad that EC is gone and I have time to visit and comment.