Saturday, September 8, 2012

Never Ending Work Load

I allocate part of the morning to do some work on the computer. I have a houseful, so I hardly have so much of spare time..Another time consuming task that I indulge during  my ‘free time’ is trying to figure out what the menu is for the next meal.My foursome love to savour different recipes,so I meticulously plan out menus whenever I have a little extra time during the day.I often  get hints  to  prepare a new  list of recipes from various sources,like a magazine,or a cookbook or  from those  that have  been passed onto me by my mother.This makes it very easy to plan out the days cooking.
Most of the free  time,I am busy doing housework,a never ending job like folding clothes,cleaning the clutter from cupboards and tables.And one particular household chore that cant be ignored or neglected ( for the fear of being  accumulated) is the endless washing of plates and dishes.It seems like forever.

Presently,my children are getting set for their forthcoming exams and  theres a whole lot of paper cluttered on the study table,reminding me that my work is not done yet.

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