Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Blogger DashBoard

Today I got a big surprise when I checked on my blog.Instead of my regular dashboard ,the new blogger interface welcomed me. I was n’t expecting the change to happen sooner though Google ( the blogger team) alerted us earlier. Furthermore it took me quite a while to get accustomed to the new look. Despite the fact that I will miss the old look of my blogger dashboard, I hope to get along finely with the new interface even  though  it may take a day or two to fully accept  and work with it on friendly terms.On the other hand, I was awfully flustered trying to login to Entrecard. Since morning up until now I have been  facing this problem. I am fervently hoping whatever the issue  the site is having ,that it should be rectified soon .Thus enabling me to drop by my favourite  blogs. Incidentally the good news is we got two more additional holidays besides the weekend. As most of you may know the weekend in the Middle East falls on Thurday and Friday, so therefore in addition to that, Saturday and Sunday have been  declared as  holidays due to the kingdom’s National Day ( Saudi Arabia)  which is being  celebrated on the 23rd September. While the children are exhilarated  due to this sudden declaration, I  am quite  dumbfounded wondering how I am going to keep them fully  occupied at home for four consecutive days.


  1. I was surprised with the new google look too. I don't like it but I guess we just have to live with it. And Entrecard won't open since yesterday:(

  2. Sorry to pass along disturbing news. Entrecard is DEAD.

    1. Really??? That's so disappointing..Anyway thanks for the update..