Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Hectic Day

This morning  I went to the clinic for a couple of tests  and a follow up.I had to do a blood analysis.One for  my HA1c (sugar level reading from the last  3 months) and a test for cholesterol.I had to fast for 12 hours for this medical check up.The wait,for my turn, at the hospital,was so exasperating.It was almost after 1 1/2 hours that I was called in.I finished the blood tests in a matter of minutes and thereafter went to see  the  ENT specialist for a follow up on my blocked nostril.Fortunately it was a minor problem ,which was due to my sinus and  I was asked to continue with the medicines that was  already prescribed.
Later on after  a simple dinner  with the  family,My husband and I went to the Super Market to do our  weekly grocery.There was a list of things needed urgently,once I looked for  them and placed them safely into the trolley,I went searching  for  flour made out of Millet.It  is  popular among many  diabetics due to  low glycemic  and  also because of it’s sharp  nutty flavor.Unfortunately, I didn’t come across any,so I grabbed a packet of Red rice flour instead, which is a little better than  it’s counterpart:the white refined one.
Since I am trying my best to  keep my sugar levels under control, I have switched  all white  refined food to whole grains and have also  eliminated from my diet  each and every food containing sugar.I make an effort to include  food from all groups.My  mid day meal  consists of  1/2 cup brown rice,a fist-size piece of chicken,and  a variety of  non starchy vegetables.Furthermore, I have actually  stopped  helping myself with  second servings. My family members and friends are quite surprised at my determination.

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