Monday, August 6, 2012

The Royal Botanical Gardens

It's been a week since we returned home from vacation.And the whole week just went by so swiftly.I had so much to do in the past week.Unpacking and clearing away clothes and loading the washer with all the dirty linen.We had a marvellous three weeks in the pearl of the Indian ocean( Sri Lanka).We toured the hill country and there were so many places of interest  we visited .One such wonderful place we visited was  the Royal Botanical Garden.We saw a variety of trees and plants in different shapes and sizes.Every year more than a million visitors tour this garden and take with them some cherished memories of this fascinating place.One tree in particular has a significant history.The Cannonball  tree,which was  planted by the then King of England,King George V and Queen Mary in the year 1901, atrracts many curious visitors and is the  centre of attraction due to the fruits the size of cannonballs.( sorry I couldnt click a picture ).
While trying to get to know the names of some plants and trees we came across an interesting sight.We stopped and stared at  what was happening around this  giant tree.We  simply couldn't take our eyes off it . Can you guess whats hanging on it .. Oh! whatever is that???? This was our reaction when we first set our eyes upon this tree..
A parliament of____________??....

Can you see the Owls?
 We were also amazed at the gardens spectacular infrastructure and were glad  that we walked on the famous  Avenue of Palm trees.

The  wide range of plants  added  colour and beauty to the garden.

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