Saturday, August 25, 2012

Neil Armstrong

Pix- courtesy-internet
The year  I  made my entry into this world ,Neil Armstrong took  his first step on the  Moon.At that time I would have been too young to realize  the hullabaloo about the  legendary moon walk but as I grew up, I learnt so much  about the memorable event.Later and over the years,I  discovered interesting  stories of this great Appollo 11 astronaut.Sadly today,I, alongside the millions,mourn his death.He was a hero to many.During our childhood, as curious as we were, we  were told that a rabbit was up on the moon when we  inquisitively  inquired what it was up  there ( obviously pointing toward the moon).Perhaps that was  what our Grandparents were taught as young kids during bedtime.Is n't it  amazing that we could tell our grandchildren and great- grand children that it is indeed  Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon smiling at us.
It is reported in the news that his family had humbly requested the public to pay tribute to this amazing astronaut and that too, in a very simple way.It is nt too much of a request ,“For those who may ask what they can do to honor Neil, we have a simple request. Honor his example of service, accomplishment and modesty, and the next time you walk outside on a clear night and see the moon smiling down at you, think of Neil Armstrong and give him a wink.”

Yes ! We salute him for that first small step that has paved the way for giant leaps.

Friday, August 17, 2012

An Intruder

During our vacation to the native land,we were trying to make some arrangements to rent out our house before coming back to the Middle East.The former occupants,to whom we had rented out,had moved away to another location and the house was in vacant possession.My hubby had decided to give it to new residents,as we did not believe in locking up the untenanted house for the fear of burglary.Back home,houses  that are not occupied, becomes an  easy target for burglars to break in and clean sweep the place ,taking with them whatever is available .They even remove doors and windows.Thus ,we decided to look for new occupants immediately.We wanted to to some cleaning before we advertised in the newspaper.However when we entered the house,we were startled to see an intruder in the house.It seems that someone had  easy access to our house, perhaps it was through a gap in the window ventilator.We were surprised to see the intruder,a nesting bird,who had made herself a home, a nest  in an unusual place,on a wooden rack in the garage.As soon as she saw us, she  started tweeting, as if to say,'Please do not disturb' .How contented she looked with her tiny offspring alongside her.Probably she knows the place more than we do and gets in and out of the garage when she has to look for food to feed her little ones.
We didnt want to disturb  the new mama and her brood.So for the time being ,the new tenants will have to put up with her  until arrangements are made  to  relocate the bird  family back into the garden.
Proudly posing with her addition

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Royal Botanical Gardens

It's been a week since we returned home from vacation.And the whole week just went by so swiftly.I had so much to do in the past week.Unpacking and clearing away clothes and loading the washer with all the dirty linen.We had a marvellous three weeks in the pearl of the Indian ocean( Sri Lanka).We toured the hill country and there were so many places of interest  we visited .One such wonderful place we visited was  the Royal Botanical Garden.We saw a variety of trees and plants in different shapes and sizes.Every year more than a million visitors tour this garden and take with them some cherished memories of this fascinating place.One tree in particular has a significant history.The Cannonball  tree,which was  planted by the then King of England,King George V and Queen Mary in the year 1901, atrracts many curious visitors and is the  centre of attraction due to the fruits the size of cannonballs.( sorry I couldnt click a picture ).
While trying to get to know the names of some plants and trees we came across an interesting sight.We stopped and stared at  what was happening around this  giant tree.We  simply couldn't take our eyes off it . Can you guess whats hanging on it .. Oh! whatever is that???? This was our reaction when we first set our eyes upon this tree..
A parliament of____________??....

Can you see the Owls?
 We were also amazed at the gardens spectacular infrastructure and were glad  that we walked on the famous  Avenue of Palm trees.

The  wide range of plants  added  colour and beauty to the garden.