Friday, June 22, 2012

What A Transformation!

After finishing her 12th board exams my elder daughter had to attend a party organized by the school for all the girls in that section.The girls were all requested to dress in colourful silks and beautiful assessories.This time my daughter too wanted to wear something different.Usually I help her choose the dress and the other assessories when ever an occasion arose where she had to wear something new.She would always prefer my choice as I go  for very simple clothing ,however as this was a farewell for the girls she wanted to look her best.It was surprising when she chose  an outfit designed with lots of embellishments and also decided to adorn herself with colourful Indian bangles.She was no more the little girl.In an instant she  looked very much a lady with all that those stunning assessories beautifying her.I was amazed to see my daughter being transformed into a mature young woman,like as if Cinderella's godmother had used her a magic wand  on her. This also made me realize that this is the time I have to let go some of my strict 'parental' supervision and let her make choices at least when it comes to choosing what to wear.I just cannot imagine my baby has grown....

                      My daughter displaying the bangles she wore for the school party

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  1. On various religious and festive occasions little Indian girts do transform into gorgeous ladies with traditional wear! The bangles look terrific!