Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Busy Schedules

In a week's time from now ,my children will be writing their formative assessment tests before school closes for summer vacation.So most of the entertainment devices have been unplugged ,so that they would concentrate more in their studies.I too have postponed several things for later due to this.Recently my daughter's class and the whole of the 10th grades had a fun fair and an exhibition  which took place in her school .However only parents  and family were allowed to view the exhibits.My daughter had been very busy making handicrafts  according to the themes designated to her.Together with her classmates ,she had organized wonderful games and  quizzes for the visitors.They also had arranged to serve free  food( volunteered by parents)  to the visitors who participated in their game shows.My daughter wanted me to make some fancy cupcakes.Fortunately, I had some  ready mix packets at home which made it easier for me.All I did was add different colouring to the cake batter before baking them .Once cooled I decorated them with cake sprinkles.The Fair was held for two days and I baked two batches of cupcakes for those two days.  

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