Thursday, May 10, 2012

Butter Bell Crock

The Original Butterbell Crock by L.Tremain is exclusively designed to keep the butter soft,fresh and spreadable without refrigeration upto 30 days.It helps to soften butter and keep fresh at room temperature.With an easy “spreading” consistency,the butter stored  in the crock gives an extra  creamier taste.With this uniquely designed cookware,it’s easy to get lost in the rich taste and the delectable flavor of the butter.Unlike other brands,this is very distinctive,as it can naturally hold the essence and the goodness of flavor and freshness  for a longer length  of time due to the tightly sealed  water at the bottom of the crock.Butterbell cookware is made of high quality, to keep butter fresh and safe and odor free.So every bite is flavourful and delicious.When butter is softened ,you tend to use less,so in a way this helps  to watch your calories,a  consciousness for weight watchers.
Butterbell makes life easier for everyone.During the winter season, my four children get hungry so often and persuade me to make their favourite recipes which calls for butter at room temperature. And how often it gets frustrating when we have to hang around, passing time,for the refrigerated butter to become softer to create our favourite recipes.
So storing butter in Butterbell crock makes it all the more convenient.Nonetheless,make sure this crock pot is kept away from direct heat,hot oven tops and stoves.This hassle free cookware which comes in a range of elegantly beautiful colours,will be the ideal  domestic device to dish up butter on special occasions so that your guests may enjoy  a tastier and creamier spread  of butter on those freshly baked  hor d'oeuvres  served at the table.
With the "buy two get one free" promotional sale on,I reckon this to be the right occasion to make use of the opportunity to grab the extra crock.This also makes the perfect ‘Mother’s Day' gift for your loved one.I believe it’s a favourable  approach,storing butter in butterbell cookware,the little pot that packs a lot,where in an instant you will have ready to spread creamy butter.So without further delay,take the pleasure of introducing this magic pot to your circle of friends and family too.So when are you planning to take your ‘Butterbell’ home? 
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Disclaimer: This sponsorship is brought to you by The Butter Bell Crock who we have partnered with for this promotion.