Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sweet Memories

Happy Anniversary to the royal couple William and Kate.It seems like yesterday that my daughters and I watched their grand wedding which was telecasted live all over the world. Today,with the rest of  the world, I rejoice their first wedding anniversary.Cheers!!
Back in the eighties,when Prince William's mother,who was affectionately known as  Lady Di, married her Prince charming,I was a young girl who was very much fascinated by her innocence.I even kept a scrapbook full of pictures and articles about her.I was, like any young girl, thrilled to bits when I discovered that my favourite romantic author Barbara Cartland was Lady Di’s step grandmother.Barbara Cartland’s writings kept me under mesmeric spells,so much so,  I used to be obsessed with her recounting of the tall,dark and handsome Princes and Dukes who  fell for  the common girl. However, unlike the happy endings related in her books, the story of her own Princess didn’t end happily ever after.I still feel sad when I think Of Lady Di, who still is fondly referred as the people’s Princess. A couple of years ago, when I was an active member of a scrapbooking site, I made a digital scrapblog as a tribute to my heroine,however,the scrapping site is no longer active and I am very much disappointed with myself for not  saving a copy. 

Lady Di-  (courtesy internet)

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