Monday, April 16, 2012

Record Breaking Feat

Al khobar is a city  in Saudi Arabia which is located in the Eastern province. Preparations were underway to list this beautiful city at the top of the world. Enthusiastic organizers were all agog  in setting up the longest breakfast table in the Corniche . The table is said to measure 175 meters in length and 122 cm in width. As this event is open to the public an overwhelming crowd is expected to witness this record breaking event.
The Guinness team will also be present to confirm the record.The table is said to measure 175 meters in length and 122 cm in width and has already been set up at the Corniche. The table has been arranged  according to the  Guinness procedures and conditions.The breakfast will chiefly consist of cheese, cream, honey and bread.
The chief organizer had stated that this particular city was choosen  with a view to putting it on the world map and endorse its prospective for tourism. Since Alkhobar is already a tourist attraction  this record will deepen its image in  a large scale world wide.
The main objective  of this grand feat is to create awareness about the importance of breakfast. And through  this record-breaking event they want to put across the message to all, and especially among school going children that the morning meal  is healthier and beneficial for the body.”
And as a resident of this beautiful city,I feel very proud  and will join the rest of the citizens to celebrate  this achievement .
Al khobar-Saudi Arabia -A beautiful city


  1. When I get up in the morning I always wonder what to have for breakfast. Wish I could be at this record keeping breakfast feast.

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