Monday, April 9, 2012

Learning To Make Healthy Choices

The  new academic year has just started  and  my eight year old  has been promoted to grade 3. I just cant imagine how soon days and months have flown by.Although he was a little disappointed  that some of  his friends from the previous class were not going to the same class with him ,he was as anxious to meet new friends and teachers. Today his class is going to learn about healthy food and eating a well proportioned  diet consisting of all the three food groups.This is to create awareness  among children as well as parents the benefits of eating healthy by way of a balanced diet.We were sent a note from the teacher to choose  some food from  the food group energy-giving food,body-building food and  protective foods and pack them  in his school tiffin carrier .This way it would be very easier for the teacher to explain to the class about eating good food and making  healthy choices. Taking it as a lesson for me as well,I  packed his tiffin box with a tuna/cheese sandwich, some sliced cucumbers and a packet of milk.As he usually loves to take a sandwich with his favourite  Nutella,the chocolate spread, he was a little  hesitant  to take what I had packed for him today .However after some  cajoling ,he promised to eat them.I applaud the class adminstrators for motivating such concepts in young minds as this will benefit them in the long run.
Eating fruits -A very healthy choice

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