Saturday, March 24, 2012

School Holidays And Class Party

My two youngsters are on  a break  from school for two weeks.However today they went  to school to collect their annual examination results and their progress cards. Since they will go to the next grade and a new class  they had been previously  informed of a class party. Each one was asked to bring their favourite dish and share with the rest of the class.Whilst my youngest asked for a box of chocolates to distribute among his peers, the 5th grader wanted me to make his favourite pasta dish. Even though  it was going to be a tedious task  preparing the pasta dish in the morning rush hours ,I obliged his request as I didn’t want to disappoint him. Actually the dish is a favourite among the whole family.It’s a combination of boiled macaroni, chicken , coconut cream and spices.
I was so happy when the class teacher called me at home and thanked for  the delicious dish.I am sure you will love it too. So I am sharing the recipe with you .

Pasta Recipe

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