Saturday, March 31, 2012

In A Fix

Lately I have n't been able to upload pictures from my digital camera to the  computer.It took sometime to realize that the camera driver had been deleted when we updated the computer recently.I have taken loads of pictures recently  and all agog to affix them on my  blog posts.I thoroughly understand that  I will have to download  the Digimax camera driver onto my PC to  upload them.However the problem I am facing  now is I can't remember where I had stored the camera driver CD. I have asked my hubby to help me out with this issue as soon as he meets his office deadlines.
Although,our computer was updated recently,I still find it difficult to open two  or three web sites at the same time.It's so frustrating when the pages take too long to load.I am left with no option but shut the computer and restart after a few minutes.I am not a tech savvy person,so I still depend on the other members of my family to sort out the 'technological' errors  for me.
In the meantime,I would appreciate if a kind  tech savvy blogger  lets  me know  if it is possible to download the camera driver from the internet to my computer.

This picture of the  camera driver CD is from the internet

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