Saturday, March 10, 2012

Health Is Wealth

For the past several weeks I 've been making appointments with my doctor and visiting the hospital to check my blood sugar which had spiked without even knowing that I had it in the first place.After the initial shock,I think I am back to my usual self.I am following a strict diet to reduce my weight as well.Due to this recent health issue ,I have n't been on the internet as much as I used to.I was easily becoming very tired and stressed out that I wanted to rest all the time.Thank God now that I am on medication ,I am back to reconnecting with the outside world.Top of all this ,I was supervising my children with their studies as they were preparing for their annual examination.I will have some spare time once they finish their tests and have a two weeks break from school. I am waiting in anticipation to put some of those precious time  to good use: maybe write and update my blogs with some fresh content.Above all I have stopped piling  unnecessary clutter on my head and have organized in such a way that I hope to take one day at a time.

I was always feeling fatigue and wanted to doze at every opportunity. 

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