Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bizarre Weather Changes

We are experiencing  bizarre climatic conditions over here.It is so harsh in the evenings  that no one is interested in venturing outside for any leisurely activities except go to  school and office during day time.I have mentioned the word bizarre because it keeps changing on and off.While the residents of the Eastern part of Saudi Arabia  is experiencing bad weather like dusts and sand storms,the Northern part is experiencing snowfall.It is a rare phenomenon in this kingdom.Everyday the weather forecasts keep changing.No one is sure  what  the will weather will be like next.As an anxious Mom,with school going children, I always keep on alert for the latest weather  updates.Many children and elders end up at the hospital with respiratory problems.With all the hassles of bad weather, My kids are going to school without complaining for they are in the midst of their annual examinations.I salute all the  courageous school going children for braving the bad weather!

A  dust / sand storm In Saudi Arabia  ( picture courtesy internet )

Snow fall in the Northern mountainous Tabuk - Saudi Arabia 

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  1. Our weather has been bizarre in the states, as well. Currently, the clover is almost 3 feet tall here. Usually, we haven't even received our last good freeze by this time of year. It made our winter so mild that there has only been a couple of weeks that have not been beautiful for bicycle riding.