Saturday, March 31, 2012

In A Fix

Lately I have n't been able to upload pictures from my digital camera to the  computer.It took sometime to realize that the camera driver had been deleted when we updated the computer recently.I have taken loads of pictures recently  and all agog to affix them on my  blog posts.I thoroughly understand that  I will have to download  the Digimax camera driver onto my PC to  upload them.However the problem I am facing  now is I can't remember where I had stored the camera driver CD. I have asked my hubby to help me out with this issue as soon as he meets his office deadlines.
Although,our computer was updated recently,I still find it difficult to open two  or three web sites at the same time.It's so frustrating when the pages take too long to load.I am left with no option but shut the computer and restart after a few minutes.I am not a tech savvy person,so I still depend on the other members of my family to sort out the 'technological' errors  for me.
In the meantime,I would appreciate if a kind  tech savvy blogger  lets  me know  if it is possible to download the camera driver from the internet to my computer.

This picture of the  camera driver CD is from the internet

Saturday, March 24, 2012

School Holidays And Class Party

My two youngsters are on  a break  from school for two weeks.However today they went  to school to collect their annual examination results and their progress cards. Since they will go to the next grade and a new class  they had been previously  informed of a class party. Each one was asked to bring their favourite dish and share with the rest of the class.Whilst my youngest asked for a box of chocolates to distribute among his peers, the 5th grader wanted me to make his favourite pasta dish. Even though  it was going to be a tedious task  preparing the pasta dish in the morning rush hours ,I obliged his request as I didn’t want to disappoint him. Actually the dish is a favourite among the whole family.It’s a combination of boiled macaroni, chicken , coconut cream and spices.
I was so happy when the class teacher called me at home and thanked for  the delicious dish.I am sure you will love it too. So I am sharing the recipe with you .

Pasta Recipe

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Health Is Wealth

For the past several weeks I 've been making appointments with my doctor and visiting the hospital to check my blood sugar which had spiked without even knowing that I had it in the first place.After the initial shock,I think I am back to my usual self.I am following a strict diet to reduce my weight as well.Due to this recent health issue ,I have n't been on the internet as much as I used to.I was easily becoming very tired and stressed out that I wanted to rest all the time.Thank God now that I am on medication ,I am back to reconnecting with the outside world.Top of all this ,I was supervising my children with their studies as they were preparing for their annual examination.I will have some spare time once they finish their tests and have a two weeks break from school. I am waiting in anticipation to put some of those precious time  to good use: maybe write and update my blogs with some fresh content.Above all I have stopped piling  unnecessary clutter on my head and have organized in such a way that I hope to take one day at a time.

I was always feeling fatigue and wanted to doze at every opportunity. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bizarre Weather Changes

We are experiencing  bizarre climatic conditions over here.It is so harsh in the evenings  that no one is interested in venturing outside for any leisurely activities except go to  school and office during day time.I have mentioned the word bizarre because it keeps changing on and off.While the residents of the Eastern part of Saudi Arabia  is experiencing bad weather like dusts and sand storms,the Northern part is experiencing snowfall.It is a rare phenomenon in this kingdom.Everyday the weather forecasts keep changing.No one is sure  what  the will weather will be like next.As an anxious Mom,with school going children, I always keep on alert for the latest weather  updates.Many children and elders end up at the hospital with respiratory problems.With all the hassles of bad weather, My kids are going to school without complaining for they are in the midst of their annual examinations.I salute all the  courageous school going children for braving the bad weather!

A  dust / sand storm In Saudi Arabia  ( picture courtesy internet )

Snow fall in the Northern mountainous Tabuk - Saudi Arabia