Monday, February 13, 2012

Whitney Houston: I Will Always Love You

Right now I am listening to Whitney Houston's  outstanding vocals, ‘I will always love you’. In 1992  Whitney  sang out loud and big and amazed everyone  with her ever powerful vocal cords which outperformed in this particular song. As much as I am fond of this song ,I vehemently detest  when  I  have to  lend my ears  when it’s being played at blissful junctures.Although the lyrics are heartbreaking,people get the wrong impression about it, thinking its a 'happily ever-after' track.And they want it  played  at weddings and other happy occasions.

This song  was originally written and sung by Dolly Parton,The  country  track was  first released in 1974 and even at that time   many positive feedbacks from critics were attributed to Dolly Parton.
Immediately after  Whitney started her version,success followed her.Whitney Houston also starred in her first movie in the  1992 film 'The body guard’. And ‘I will always love you’, was the original sound track of that feature film.This track won  both the 1994 Grammy award for the album of the year and the best selling single by a female artist.
Besides her fame and fortune,she also experienced some bitter  failures  in her personal life. She had a turbulent marriage with Bobby Brown which ended in divorce. For years  she had been struggling with substance abuse and had been  in and out of rehab. It is a sad end to yet another star-crossed celebrity.She was found dead in the bathtub at a Beverly Hills Hotel. 


  1. RIP to my favorite singer in the world. I listening her song always...

    Wifey Online Diary

  2. RIP, I am saddened that the most popular persons even richest ended up having a miserable life and broken family

  3. really unfortunate..
    love her voice.

    let her soul RIP..
    Tasty Appetite