Friday, February 10, 2012

Clipix: Organize Your life


I am an avid reader. I love reading articles on parenting, house keeping, food and recipes. I love to book mark the food articles and the various recipes that I come across the internet and  save the interesting ones on my computer. Regretfully ,I admit  I am not an organized person.I am so disorderly when it comes to  storing my virtual dossiers for later reference. I tend to save them in different places and  when  I want to look  them up again or feel like I want to try a new recipe, I have to waste a great deal of my time searching for them all over my computer.

Nevertheless everything is going to change from now on; I found a helpful tool that is going to be of assistance. It will help me clear up the clutter that has stacked on my computer due to my disorganized filing system. My work is going to be so much easier with this latest tool that is made available at and free to use . It will help me save articles that I read on the internet by letting  me  clip  them on a clipboard that I create. I can come back to it very easily whenever I want to. clipix also lets me share my clipboard with my family, friends and everyone who is interested.

Clipix is an excellent tool that will help with you  arrange your favourite things  in a methodical and meticulous way. With this free tool you can organize and save all your recipes, household tips, and many more, under one place. All your clips are systematically arranged under different categories. You can now spend less time searching for  your favourite websites or online stores. What is  amazing about this whole  thing is, once you add the “Clip” button on your bookmark tab, every time you clip something, it will be stored and remembered by customized clipboards. Isn’t that so convenient!

 All you have to do now is create an account with Clipix and let it assist  you sort out articles, recipes and everything you wish to be clipped in one place. Without any doubt, start connecting with this virtual assistance and begin assembling your favourite clips on your clipboard.

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  1. i sometime a disorganize person, i think i need this application too.