Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ad Exchange That Promotes Your Blog For Free

I love blogging about this and that, every now and then.Sometimes by way of little snippets,some tidbits or something that inspires me to some extent that I get motivated to put them in writing.Family,children,food and marketing have been some of my favourite topics. Writing, in many ways, help us to minimize the tension that creeps through in our ever strenuous  lives.What is the purpose of our writing when there is n't an audience to read and appreciate our writing. My blog is barely two years and thanks to some wonderful network, I have a few genuine visitors and readers coming my way.I am really appreciative to all those amazing people.The other day while surfing the internet,I came across an  interesting advertising program  which I think is very unique.Whilst most  are familiar with traffic exchanges and PTC sites,I thought this was something out of the ordinary.This Ad exchange program  promotes  our websites and blogs  free of charge.All we got to do is place their widget in the side bar of our blog and upload our Ad banner on their network.Once our banner is approved by the site's administration, our Ad banner will start  showing  across their network for free. A little familiar right? I know what you are thinking ..a  little like Adgitize???.
This is a  quote from the website itself,  'The Ad Exchange is for website owners, bloggers, small businesses, and anyone else who has a limited advertising budget. Actually, no budget is required, since the Ad Exchange uses the concept of social advertising to let you spread your message for free!
This is not an affiliate program nor  am I  compensated in any form for this writing. I thought I would share this information with you, my dear  readers, so you too would benefit from this opportunity.
Go to Friendorb Ad Exchange and read all about it in details. Best of luck!

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  1. Ive learned something new today...thanks for sharing :)