Sunday, January 15, 2012

With Love To My Daughter

In a  few days time my younger daughter will be fifteen.For the past two years I have had the opportunity of creating her birthday cards digitally with the help of tools which was made available in a  wonderful  scrapbooking site. But this time  I  have to  create her card with only some items stored in my computer as my favourite scrapping site  is no longer functioning online.Some weeks earlier,I participated in a giveaway and I was fortunate enough to be chosen as the winner.I have already been sent the  code to download a scrapbook kit .I am trying my best to download the kit pack as soon as possible and make use of those embellishments to make a card for my daughter.I am trying hard to keep this from her as I want it to be a surprise.Since her birthday falls on a weekday,I am planning to have a small party for her friends during the weekend.

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