Sunday, January 29, 2012

Food,Weight And Work Outs

The weekend was long and looked like it was never ending.We had guests at home and I was very busy in the kitchen preparing food for them.In my home whenever we have guests I do my best to entertain them well.I make some of my favourite dishes and love it when they really relish them.I balance the food according to the guests,I always make something for the children too,since they prefer to eat something less spicy.The adults love more spice and tangy with herbs and flavourings.I am glad the weekend went off well like I had planned.
I think I have been eating way too much and have not bothered about my weight lately until a friend reminded me.I keep postponing to do some workouts.The treadmill is out of sight for it  has been dumped in a room for the last several months. Now I really should get it back into the living room where I'll be able to see it and  get motivated do some exercise to shed some of my extra fat.Sometimes I may show some determination to achieve my goal and yet at other times I simply  refuse to put them into practice.Going forward I  have to seriously set up a timetable for my workout  schedules, which I believe will help  my cause:  to be hale and hearty at all times.

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