Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An Alternative For Adgitize Bloggers

All of us are now wondering what to do after Adgitize closed it's doors.Now each morning I spend time looking for some alternate network that would bring me a few visitors.As much as we had a good flow of traffic from  Adgitize,we  genuinely enjoyed the rapport between the bloggers.The interaction between the Adgitizers were marvellous.Ken was like a  captain who sailed his ship in the right direction.Now most of us are  hopelessly lost;Shipwrecked. 
Remember Grandma Goulash, one of the popular bloggers  in the Adgitize Network.She has been kind enough to have come up with an alternative for all the Adgitize bloggers.If you wish to have some genuine visitors to  your site who would read an article and maybe leave a  comment,then head over to her page for more details.Let our blogs be united again.  


  1. This sounds really interesting, i would visit the blog now and leave my links there. Thanks for the information.

  2. hi just blog walking right now from grandma, i actually misses everyone in adgitize T_T

  3. Thanks, i surely check grandma's blog and read it myself.