Friday, December 16, 2011

Working As A Team

My daughter's class is taking part in a school program where they have to do fashion designing out of recycled paper.My daughter and a few of her friends have to actually create these while some  have to dress the designed outfits and walk on the ramp during their morning assembly.This is in order to create awareness on recycling and reuse among the ninth graders.Last weekend my daughter asked a couple of her friends to come over to our place to put together their ideas and work as a team  to design something.They were using old newspapers,shopping bags and some unused garbage bags to make a designer outfit. Since they were going to spend the whole day at home working on their project,I suggested that they get permission from their parents to have Lunch and Dinner with us.They gladly accepted my invitation.While they were busy designing and painting,I was busy in the kitchen preparing some delectable dishes to pamper the taste buds of  my  daughter's guests.

I let them use a big mat to work on their class project so that the carpet  would n't   get soiled and stained  with any accidental spills. 

The place looked all messed while they were working but thankfully they cleaned and cleared the place once done.

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