Monday, December 12, 2011

This Morning's Marathon

This morning was very hectic. I woke up a little late than usual and from then on everything didnt go well.I normally keep the children's uniform ironed and ready the previous night but I had forgotten to do that.This morning  the ironing took longer than the other days  and I hadn't put the kettle on for tea.Oh dear Me! It was already six and my husband hadn't  woken up the children.Everything went wrong .The van was scheduled to be on time: sharp at six forty five.And yet nothing was prepared for breakfast or for the childrens' school break time snacks.But thank God ! It was like a marathon.I raced so hard to complete my tasks just a minute before the van tooted .Now I am all relaxed and sipping my morning tea.
                                  This picture was taken from the balcony


  1. love your blog its motivation

    just adgitizing

  2. I experience this sometimes also. so on the actual day I am like a typhoon working so fast.