Friday, December 2, 2011

Social Gathering

The weather is getting colder by the day and I am looking  for every possible ways to keep myself and the children warm.The strange thing is,its so  cold inside the house.And all I want to do is cover myself in blankets and drink cups of hot tea.Anyway for the most part of the morning I was in the kitchen preparing two types of food  to take out for a social gathering.So that kept me warm for a short time.I finished the cooking and had a hot bath to get over the feeling of being cold.It was not that chilly when we  set off to our destination with the pots and dishes.I wholeheartedly enjoyed the gathering with friends and their families.The friendly atmosphere ,the good food and  steaming cups of tea  was more than enough to  make myself cozy.The children were very happy as they had fun with their friends.The weather also made us very hungry. We shared and enjoyed the food everyone had brought  and were  happily exchanging recipes. 


  1. Hi,

    Love the foods you have there. Although I dont know what they are, but still looks yummy to my eyes.


  2. The food laid on the table: Fried Chicken , curried green peas,salad and spicy beef.There were more on the other side of the table.:) Thanks for the comment..

  3. Hi! It's been a while. I'll try to catch up with your recent postings. :))

    Best Regards!
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