Friday, December 9, 2011

My Newest Culinary Know-How

For years I have tried making this dish with rice but couldn't get the exact taste or for that matter when ever I tried this dish, it did n't tempt or tantalize anyones taste buds with the aroma that was supposed to emit out of the pot.I tried and tried in vain but never gave up. A couple of days back,I prepared this dish,which is popularly known as Biryani and it turned out right .What a feat it was.Finally I was in jubilation. Everything about it came out so beautiful.And the aroma for the first time roused my children's taste buds and the stomachs.They enjoyed it so much that they had second servings.Wasn't I so happy!Biryani is a dish  cooked with aromatic spices and herbs and assembled mostly with curried chicken or mutton with plenty of tomatoes and potatoes.Next time I would love to invite my circle of friends and share with them my newest recipe.

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