Thursday, December 15, 2011

Junk Food

Sometimes when I am tired and need a break,I ask hubby to order some food from out.And before placing our order via telephone we make it a point to ask the children what they would like to have.It is very rare that they ask for a healthy meal.They are a bunch of junkies especially my boys..If given a choice they  will enjoy  eating  junk food three times a day.They love chicken burgers and fries .Generally we let the coke, which comes free with the order,come down to  room temperature before letting the children consume it.Every time they drink when its chilled they come down with a sore throat.On the other hand, my daughter who is a vegetarian,  has n't much of a choice when it comes to  junk food.Nonetheless she  happily indulges in  the left over coleslaw.

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