Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Holiday Season

Everyone  is waiting in anticipation  for the holidays..As soon as December approached we started  talking and discussing  about the impending holidays, gifts,entertaining and of course the  partying .We don't celebrate Christmas but we love enjoying the holidays and wishing and greeting our friends who celebrate this happy occasion.I always make it a habit to design my own cards online and send them across to friends via e-mail.Holidays also rekindle my childhood memories.Before the advent of e-mails it was the postman we all looked forward to during this joyous season.We would wait in anxious to receive greeting cards from family and friends.I remember so vividly even to this day,my siblings and I loved to decorate our living room with the holiday cards we got.And proudly remind the visitors to take a look that the cards hanging on the window sill and the mantle .So to make us happy they would all have a look at them ,like as if they were on a tour at the art gallery.The recollection  was indeed  a part of my growing years and some of  my happiest memories.
Happy Holidays to  my  dear blogging Friends!

This is a card I designed online 

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