Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Handy Way To Recycle Pamphlets

Every time a new brand in the market is introduced everyone gets to know about it instantly.Even a full time housewife like me.No not what you are thinking .It's not via the internet or the television but  guess what? It's  via  pamphlets that are delivered at our doorsteps everyday.Whenever a new brand is up here at the shopping  malls,we are loaded with heaps of these paper advertisements which are left on our doorsteps by employees working for these hyper markets.These companies spend so much of money printing these advertisements which are so beautiful and  eye catching that  I dont have the heart to throw them away.Instead I make use of them in the house for the children's class assignments and as table mats.In a previous post I spoke about my daughter's class project on recycling..While my daughter and her team were working on a  fashionable outfit out of old newspaper, another  classmate  created a designer clutch out of pamphlets.

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