Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Farewell To Adgitize

Today, I learnt that Adgitize, a favourite network,will be closing it's doors by the end of this month.I really liked and admired this work force.I am truly amazed  how the team  behind this network, worked effortlessly  to serve their clients and the  network's community members.I first joined this network as a publisher and with  time, I became an ardent member  and  enthusiastically participated in all the activities in the network which  brought in points.Thus was able to  advertise my blogs in their network.My blogs gained some exposure..I had visitors browsing my page.I am sad once this network shuts down we wont be able to interact with the 'Adgitizing ' friends  again unless of course someone comes with an idea soon..
I will definitely miss Adgitize  'Goodbye to you my trusted friend...'


  1. I hope they will close it temporary. As you said adgitise help us to gained exposure.

  2. Yes so sad also only enjoyed it in a month, with adgitize I just blog and blog I don't need to worry about traffic, hope that they come back soon