Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tin Tin In Reel Life

I grew up reading Tin Tin comic books  and by the time I reached my adolescent years, I had read all the series.The Characters were  created by a Belgian artist by the name of Herges.Now I am thrilled that the famous film Director Steven Speilberg from Hollywood has made a 3D  picture and the world premiere took place in the country where Tin Tin originated- Belgium.Back then as a little girl I was mesmerized by this little chap's daring adventures.I grew to love Snowy the faithful dog,who was always besides him in good and bad times.The thundering words of Captain Haddock would make me jump up in fright too.However I looked forward to  the Clumsiest twin detectives and how they made me laugh loud with their funny attitude in dealing with TinTin. I hope I could watch this  movie with my family in the near future.

                                              image source-internet

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