Saturday, November 19, 2011

News Of The Day

This morning  my children went back to school after  two weeks break .The house was  suddenly very quiet.Although I had enough time to do some web surfing,I didn't log on to my computer immediately .There was a feeling of  uneasiness around. I felt something was not right. Dear me ! I had fallen asleep on the sofa. only to be awakened by the ringing of the telephone.That was a call from my Hubby:who was calling from office.He solemnly passed on the news that my aunt had passed away.She was my mom's sister.A dear lady, who was always  with  a cheerful face.But for the past couple of years she was sick with  a condition called dementia.This condition lead her to be forgetful and eventually to memory loss.I was very lucky to see her during my last vacation.It was quite an emotional meeting .  She never recognized  me or was in a position to talk.I pray that she will be guided towards the heavens gate. May God bless her.
On a positive note .I am happy to get some new visitors today from the blog site  As the cracker head crumbles.Please take some time to visit this interesting site. A very unique one. Thank you Fish Hawk 

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