Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Daughter's Kitchen Adventure

Last evening when I was about to log on to the computer,I heard my younger daughter whine that  she was hungry.I had to forget about my online work for a specific time  and attend to my offline duties.When I went into the kitchen I saw she had already taken some stuff from the refrigerator readily waiting to prepare something.When I offered to make something for her to eat,She said that she wished to make an omlette without any help from me.I remembered one day she had asked me how to make an omelette and what other ingredients were added to enhance the taste.So it wasn't surprising when I saw eggs,tomatoes,onions and green chillies all lined up in preparation to be thrown into a bowl to be whisked vigorously before being cooked on a hot griddle.Quite happy with my daughter's  capabilities in the cooking field,I went about with some other household chores and forgot all about my online tasks.Though somewhat unhappy  I will be losing some points for not posting an article yesterday in one of the networks,I am glad I helped my fourteen year old daughter gain some confidence in her culinary know-hows.And what do you think! I also got some to taste.She has  made me proud...
        I really enjoyed eating toasted sandwich and omelette made by my younger daughter 

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