Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Khobar Skies This Morning

 This morning I was waiting outside  with my daughter for the  school  transportation.I was thoroughly surprised to see that there wasn't any hint  it had  rained heavily yesterday.So I ran back in to get the camera.The sky  looked calm and peaceful.The picture above  was focused on the left of my home.The building you see is the Boys Arabic school.Although the clouds looked a little pale, it didn't pour.The picture below was taken from the right side of my home.That's the upper part of a residential apartment.A portion of the sky  on the right side seemed very fine and clear.And the most amazing thing is these two pictures were taken by my younger daughter.Unfortunately she couldn't click more pictures because the  school bus came right on time.And she had to go to school.
                    The skies looked so beautiful this morning  Amazing what nature could do.

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