Monday, November 28, 2011

Emergency Holiday

It's late in the night .The telephone didnt stop ringing .They were calls  from  my daughters  friends inquiring about the weather conditions.Some said school will remain closed tomorrow.We were clueless.It was too late to call school authorities to find out about this possible emergency holiday.Then all our doubts were cleared when the school bus driver called my hubby and said that the school will remain closed tomorrow due to bad weather conditions.Any other day my ten year old would get excited about the holiday but not this time when he hears about it  in the morning.He is unaware of this suddenly declared holiday as  he is already in bed  sound  asleep,so  that he could wake up early in the morning  to go on his school trip.
His class  had already arranged to go on a field trip tomorrow.They had planned to  travel by bus to a different city to see the Dolphin show.He has already packed his bag with a few necessities and asked his Dad for some money to buy ice cream while there.And that was the only reason he went to bed earlier  than usual. I know how disappointed he is going to be when he gets up in the morning and finds out that the school has canceled the trip.

It's pitched dark with only the street lights.I hope the power will still be on when it  rains  later in the night.( according to the weather forecast)

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