Friday, November 25, 2011

The Cold Season Has Begun...

This morning all of us woke up  earlier than usual, not because we wanted to but because we were feeling chilly.The cold season  has just begun.A few days ago we experienced a heavy fog .It was unusual  when the weather was just fine.And then there were dust storms and sand storms in some parts.Out of nowhere it started to rain the last two nights and  since  morning the climate has  severely  changed from normal to very cold.Cold season means I have to start putting  away all the warm clothing and  start unpacking  woollen jackets,caps and scarfs.Sometimes when the weather becomes very harsh ,we use the tiny portable heater .The children get  very lazy to wash up  for school during winter and they hate to dress up with all those heavy clothing.Winter also means my  children get hungry soon and the kitchen is warm and filled with aroma as  fresh food is cooked at least twice a day.

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