Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Khobar Skies This Morning

 This morning I was waiting outside  with my daughter for the  school  transportation.I was thoroughly surprised to see that there wasn't any hint  it had  rained heavily yesterday.So I ran back in to get the camera.The sky  looked calm and peaceful.The picture above  was focused on the left of my home.The building you see is the Boys Arabic school.Although the clouds looked a little pale, it didn't pour.The picture below was taken from the right side of my home.That's the upper part of a residential apartment.A portion of the sky  on the right side seemed very fine and clear.And the most amazing thing is these two pictures were taken by my younger daughter.Unfortunately she couldn't click more pictures because the  school bus came right on time.And she had to go to school.
                    The skies looked so beautiful this morning  Amazing what nature could do.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Singing In The Rain

The best kind of rain,of course, is a cozy rain.This is the kind the anonymous medieval poet makes me remember, the rain that falls on a day when you'd just as soon stay in bed a little longer, write letters or read a good book by the fire, take early tea with hot scones and jam, and look out the streaked window with complacency. 
-Susan Allen Toth-

Monday, November 28, 2011

Emergency Holiday

It's late in the night .The telephone didnt stop ringing .They were calls  from  my daughters  friends inquiring about the weather conditions.Some said school will remain closed tomorrow.We were clueless.It was too late to call school authorities to find out about this possible emergency holiday.Then all our doubts were cleared when the school bus driver called my hubby and said that the school will remain closed tomorrow due to bad weather conditions.Any other day my ten year old would get excited about the holiday but not this time when he hears about it  in the morning.He is unaware of this suddenly declared holiday as  he is already in bed  sound  asleep,so  that he could wake up early in the morning  to go on his school trip.
His class  had already arranged to go on a field trip tomorrow.They had planned to  travel by bus to a different city to see the Dolphin show.He has already packed his bag with a few necessities and asked his Dad for some money to buy ice cream while there.And that was the only reason he went to bed earlier  than usual. I know how disappointed he is going to be when he gets up in the morning and finds out that the school has canceled the trip.

It's pitched dark with only the street lights.I hope the power will still be on when it  rains  later in the night.( according to the weather forecast)

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Cold Season Has Begun...

This morning all of us woke up  earlier than usual, not because we wanted to but because we were feeling chilly.The cold season  has just begun.A few days ago we experienced a heavy fog .It was unusual  when the weather was just fine.And then there were dust storms and sand storms in some parts.Out of nowhere it started to rain the last two nights and  since  morning the climate has  severely  changed from normal to very cold.Cold season means I have to start putting  away all the warm clothing and  start unpacking  woollen jackets,caps and scarfs.Sometimes when the weather becomes very harsh ,we use the tiny portable heater .The children get  very lazy to wash up  for school during winter and they hate to dress up with all those heavy clothing.Winter also means my  children get hungry soon and the kitchen is warm and filled with aroma as  fresh food is cooked at least twice a day.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Don't Quit

                 A man is not finished when he is defeated.He is finished when he quits..

Monday, November 21, 2011

In A Jiffy

Returning home from college, my  daughter reminded  me that her class had organized a party and asked me if I could make something to share with her friends.I said yes and forgot to ask when they were going have the party.I thought I 'll ask her when I finish  with the washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.After serving lunch for the children I  went to my room to have a nap.Soon I forgot about my daughter's party request.Only when my daughter brought up the subject again later in the evening ,that I realized  I have to think what to make  and work fast  in order to prepare something for her to take  tomorrow  to her  class.The easiest and most convenient  was  making pastry from puff pastry sheets.I made the pastry filling with chicken and potatoes.I have already prepared the pasties and  about to place the tray (with the pastries)  into the freezer.It will be ready for baking tomorrow.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

News Of The Day

This morning  my children went back to school after  two weeks break .The house was  suddenly very quiet.Although I had enough time to do some web surfing,I didn't log on to my computer immediately .There was a feeling of  uneasiness around. I felt something was not right. Dear me ! I had fallen asleep on the sofa. only to be awakened by the ringing of the telephone.That was a call from my Hubby:who was calling from office.He solemnly passed on the news that my aunt had passed away.She was my mom's sister.A dear lady, who was always  with  a cheerful face.But for the past couple of years she was sick with  a condition called dementia.This condition lead her to be forgetful and eventually to memory loss.I was very lucky to see her during my last vacation.It was quite an emotional meeting .  She never recognized  me or was in a position to talk.I pray that she will be guided towards the heavens gate. May God bless her.
On a positive note .I am happy to get some new visitors today from the blog site  As the cracker head crumbles.Please take some time to visit this interesting site. A very unique one. Thank you Fish Hawk 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Part Of the Days' Work Completed...

The weekend begins today,you must be wondering why, as it's a Thursday today.Over here in most parts of the Middle East,the two days considered as the weekend:Thursday and Friday.However,my older girl had to attend college for her accounts class,the rest of the children are fast asleep.I had enough  time to make some pepperoni sandwiches and a pot of tea, before the hustle and the bustle for the day,starts. I won't be cooking lunch today,since I have some left overs from yesterday's lunch.Now I can utilize the days' cooking time to do some laundry.I am also taking this opportunity to complete my blog post for today.I feel there's so much to do in so short a time, but then again I am wondering if I organize my time accordingly, I'll probably finish some pending household chores by later  today.I have a part time helper ,who comes twice a week to do the major part of cleaning the house but still with all that,there's so much of dusting and cleaning to do on a daily basis.Hmm ..A housewife's work is never ending...

Breakfast prepared and waiting to be served....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thought Of The Day

"No matter how good you get, there's always something further out there."

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Power Of Punctuation

An English teacher wrote these words on the board:

 "woman without her man is nothing". 

The teacher then asked the students to punctuate the words correctly.

The male students  wrote: 

"Woman, without her man, is nothing."

The female  students wrote: 

"Woman: Without her, man is nothing."


Sunday, November 13, 2011

A New Play Station For My Sons

My sons had been asking for a play station since last year.Their Dad promised to get them if they did well in their term exams.They did okay and got the play station this Eid holidays.We  moved  the extra television that we had at home into the boys room and connected the play station to it.  Ever since ,they have been happily playing with all the games that came with the play station.I observed that their television and computer time have  drastically dropped  as they are so keen to be around their newest gadget.I reminded them that as soon as the holidays are over, they will have to reduce  their 'playing time; and seriously get back to studies.They have promised me that..

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Daughter's Kitchen Adventure

Last evening when I was about to log on to the computer,I heard my younger daughter whine that  she was hungry.I had to forget about my online work for a specific time  and attend to my offline duties.When I went into the kitchen I saw she had already taken some stuff from the refrigerator readily waiting to prepare something.When I offered to make something for her to eat,She said that she wished to make an omlette without any help from me.I remembered one day she had asked me how to make an omelette and what other ingredients were added to enhance the taste.So it wasn't surprising when I saw eggs,tomatoes,onions and green chillies all lined up in preparation to be thrown into a bowl to be whisked vigorously before being cooked on a hot griddle.Quite happy with my daughter's  capabilities in the cooking field,I went about with some other household chores and forgot all about my online tasks.Though somewhat unhappy  I will be losing some points for not posting an article yesterday in one of the networks,I am glad I helped my fourteen year old daughter gain some confidence in her culinary know-hows.And what do you think! I also got some to taste.She has  made me proud...
        I really enjoyed eating toasted sandwich and omelette made by my younger daughter 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Gold; Precious Metal

While reading the local newspaper an article caught my attention it read, ‘SMS making rounds asking people to sell gold.’ Sell Gold! This has to be interesting, I thought to myself before reading the entire article. It appears that currently gold price has risen sharply in the place where I reside. And shop owners are encouraging customers to sell their gold and take advantage of the situation. Most Asians like me, love to buy gold either for personal use or as an investment. And moreover if we got young girls, we would be very much interested in collecting gold for future use, for their marriages which, according to our traditions, requires beautifying them with these precious accessories. Buying gold is an asset when it is at the lowest. When this precious metal price rises we will have a good profit in case we wish to resell. Gold is a prized possession. It helps us in difficult situations. Like today in my country of residence, many people will flock to the gold shops to sell their gold. Gold also helps you decide your retirement plans. Investing your hard earned money in valuable metals, whether it is gold or silver, will definitely help you enjoy a peaceful retirement. It is also laudable to convert cash into gold coins that will benefit you later in life. More over if you are interested you could start a Gold IRA from CertifiedGold Company. Watch the Golf IRA program for further information. 

In addition gold coins come in great use when it comes to our daughter’s marriages; we would be able to melt it according to the latest designs. Women love to be embellished with gold jewellery like trendy necklaces, bangles, earrings and rings. A major part of an Asian bride’s wedding attire, in the subcontinent, is her jewellery.  Gold is the all time favorite among brides. Wearing gold jewellery brings an extra dazzle in the woman. Any kind of jewellery can make a woman swoon with delight. Who doesn’t love to wear gold jewellery and look good!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eid Celebrations

Today we celebrated Eid Festival. And A few of Our Friends gathered at my place for a potluck- each person brought a dish -food enough  for the rest of the people.Since I was hosting the event at home I  prepared four different dishes.I made a spicy beef curry,green peas in coconut cream,a salad and a mixed pickle.I readily volunteered to  make these because my children love them.I like potlucks as we  get the opportunity to  taste different food prepared by different people.We also get the opportunity to exchange each others' recipes.So today we had a scrumptious Eid Lunch that included savoury rice, fried eggplant and a variety of other dishes.We finished off with two delicious desserts prepared by two  friends.Happy Eid to all those celebrating the festival today in the Middle East  and tomorrow in some parts of the world. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Have A Bread Making Attitude

Today I was clearing away my older daughter's old text books from the book cupboard so  there will be enough space to accommodate some new books. My youngest saw me thoroughly engrossed with one of the books and asked me if I was studying for the exams. I just nodded and silently blushed. A little snippet about being able to succeed caught my eye and thought I'll share it with you.

Success, real success and happiness come to those who have a 'bread making' attitude. Those who are willing to knead the dough, wait for hours for it to rise only to punch it down and knead some more, wait for another couple of hours for it to rise again. Then bake it before it is ready to be eaten. Nothing is instantaneous. For every endeavour - whether in the area of career, academics, music, sports, relationships, physical fitness or even in spirituality - it is a long arduous journey.

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Free Gift

When my husband bought some items from the supermarket today, I was surprised to see a a gift  with the things. There had been a promotional sale at thesuper market and it was given free of charge with the box of teabags that my hubby had bought. And guess what it was! It was a very simple mug. The children at home are already battling to gain ownership of the mug. The only option we got is buy another three boxes of teabags and get three additional gifts.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tin Tin In Reel Life

I grew up reading Tin Tin comic books  and by the time I reached my adolescent years, I had read all the series.The Characters were  created by a Belgian artist by the name of Herges.Now I am thrilled that the famous film Director Steven Speilberg from Hollywood has made a 3D  picture and the world premiere took place in the country where Tin Tin originated- Belgium.Back then as a little girl I was mesmerized by this little chap's daring adventures.I grew to love Snowy the faithful dog,who was always besides him in good and bad times.The thundering words of Captain Haddock would make me jump up in fright too.However I looked forward to  the Clumsiest twin detectives and how they made me laugh loud with their funny attitude in dealing with TinTin. I hope I could watch this  movie with my family in the near future.

                                              image source-internet