Friday, October 28, 2011

So You Think You Can Draw!

Yeah! my son proved to me this weekend....

I was petrified when I heard my children were getting an extra day off  from school before the weekend.As much as I loved to keep them at home,I wasn't prepared for this.The reason was 'How am I going to keep them occupied?'.The older of the boys would always complain about being  bored, if he did nt have anything worthwhile to do.I thought I would make them play some indoor games like Scrabble or the Twister-I prefer them playing with the scrabble board,as it helps them with their vocabulary.The Twister on the other hand though it is much fun could bring the roof down with their screaming.Boy! Oh Boy ! did they surprise me with their preference.They quietly settled down with their Tom and Jerry Magazine. And what more! My ten year old created a small booklet with  sketches  of Tom and Jerry. (he loves to  copy draw pictures from  Magazines) .And what do you think the youngest did? He happily  assisted  the brother.

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