Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Narrow Shave

It was past six when we woke up this morning and we quickly blamed it on our clock for forgetting to alert us on time.It was already very late so we couldn't send the children to school.Anyway all of them were sound asleep.I was a bit anxious though for  they would miss a few lessons taught in class and would have a lot of  notes to copy once they get back to school after the weekend: (over here in the Middle East Thursday and Friday is the weekend)
Since  the  children were at home, I leisurely prepared breakfast.Cozily sipping my hot cup of tea in my comfort zone, I was wondering what on earth could have gone wrong with our alarm clock,when  the shrill of the  telephone cut short my thoughts.I got goose bumps when I heard the news that was floating via the telephone .There was a chemical gas leak  in the Dammam area  and all schools located in and around that area was asked to close and the school children were immediately evacuated.Also the residents were advised to stay indoors. Luckily my children were at home.Thank god for the alarm clock!

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