Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Busy Afternoon

This afternoon  was busier than the other days.We were doing too many things at the same time.We went to  the children's school.My younger daughter had her Parent-teachers meeting  and  the sons were attending badminton classes.As soon as the meeting  was over ,we  went to the school indoor stadium to watch  the boys  practice badminton.At the onset only my ten year old was being coached along with boys of his age and older.Our youngest , who is seven, showed a keen interest in the game  and persuaded us to enroll him  for the class.After giving some thought , the coach let our youngest join the rest of the boys.

Straight from school we took the children for an ice-cream treat .They were  thirsty and hungry as well .They wanted the biggest cones.There were  a variety of flavours  to choose from.

The youngest  happily indulged  in the colors of  the rainbow while the other opted for  butterscotch.Later we did a little bit of shopping before heading home.

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